Casa Cavazzini

Designed to be simple and immediate to use, the "Casa Cavazzini" app allows for audio description of the museum's main works.
As part of the Mobile 3D project, it was responsible for technical implementation, content production (normalization, synthesis, translation and voice-over), creation of LIS videos.

Client Casa Cavazzini
Year 2019-2021



Simple and Accessible

Its essential graphics make it easy to use and facilitate the use of smartphone system accessibility features, such as screen reading. It is a standard mode of interaction, familiar to people with visual impairments, which provides easy access to the description of a museum room or an individual object. Textual content is conveyed by synthetic voice reading (text-to-speach), which people with visual impairments prefer to audio tracks recorded by an actor because it allows them to control the reading mode, particularly speed, and to scan individual lines of text, words, and even characters.


QR functionality

The inclusivity of this tool is determined by the fact that these properties remain hidden from the user who has not activated accessibility features on his or her smartphone and can therefore use Audio Guide almost like a conventional audio guide. "Almost" because Audio Guide is equipped with automatic location features: thanks to the museum's infrastructure with Beacon technology, the app automatically provides content based on the visitor's location.


Multilingual and LIS

For people with visual disabilities, localization is an aid to orientation in the exhibition spaces and facilitates the identification of tactile and multisensory stations, offering a richer and more inclusive experience.
Inclusivity is implemented by the presence of translations (audio and text) in Italian, English, and Friulian, providing an opportunity for assisted visitation for foreign users and people with hearing disabilities. Finally, the museum tour and numerous Audio Guide contents are enriched by films interpreted in Italian sign language.

Client Casa Cavazzini
Year 2019-2021