The importance of digitization, creativity, and cultural awareness is always relevant, but it is particularly emphasized in the current situation at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to acquire new skills and competencies that strengthen creative potential and soft skills, thus contributing to the resilience of the educational, cultural and creative sectors.

Our project involves cooperation between academic institutions and businesses, providing all participants with a great opportunity to develop and improve their skills and products in terms of new tools, digital skills and visualization techniques that enable new ways of collaboration. Through this interdisciplinary network, all partners will be able to improve and promote technical skills, digital literacy and awareness of our common cultural heritage, while promoting a solidarity approach to overcome the negative effects of the pandemic.

Digital transformation will further add value to Europe's archaeological heritage sites socially and educationally and also make them accessible to a wider audience. Digitization can play a huge role for culture and its dissemination, as new technologies can help visualize archaeological heritage in innovative ways, engaging both students and European citizens with concrete applications corresponding to their interests and needs.

Geographic size: 6 partners from 4 countries (from Alps-Adriatic to Mediterranean: Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Greece)

Year 2021-2023

Category Culture


Making of

The video shown here illustrates in a few minutes the entire process adopted to make an archaeological site usable in 3D Augmented Reality. From drone photogrammetric acquisition, through optimization of 3D models, to visualization via our IRSCHEN app, the video reports the main technical steps and some of the fieldwork phases performed as part of the European project.  

Erasmus +client
Year 2021 - 2023