Stazione Confini

Stazione Confini is an application in the form of a "sound exhibition" that can be visited and listened to in five railway stations in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Pordenone, Udine, Cividale del Friuli, Gorizia Centrale, Trieste Centrale). Each station is associated with an unpublished story and sound composition inspired by the place and themes of the border and travel. Listening to each audio track takes about 15 to 20 minutes.


Client Zeroidee
Year 2022-2023

Category Culture


The theme

It is a digital tool that contributes to the enhancement of the Region's border culture through a reflection on its having always been over the centuries a land of transit and contamination between identities and belonging. The aim is to address the complexity of this cultural crossroads with a contemporary gaze, working on narrative and sound, the imagery they evoke, and the emotions they generate.
The theme is addressed by delving into the voices of time, the tales of today and tomorrow, creating a "sound exhibition" in which five writers elaborate as many texts that enter into dialogue and assonance with sound compositions created by five international sound designers. 


The immersive experience

Each work has a site-specific character in that the texts and music are created specifically for each individual train station. These are compositions that work on the specificities of each context and the cultural vectors of which each station is a part, identifying in these spaces the most suitable places to represent the symbolism of departure, arrival and the meeting of cultures. The idea is to have artists from different disciplines interact to create works that when listened to in the context of a train station make for an immersive experience in which the historical and cultural features of the area can find a new contextualization. To do this, sound art was chosen for its ability to bring music, narratives and places into dialogue within unconventional spaces but with a strong architectural and evocative character.



Stazione Confini wants to use the smartphone as a new medium for art, thanks to the geo-location system that will allow the user to hear the work only within the station for which it was created. This choice leads the viewer to remain within the space for which the work was created, with the idea of recreating the mode of fruition of a classical exhibition within an unusual context and with a more intimate and experiential approach.
Once the application has been downloaded, the user has the opportunity to choose the station to which he or she will go to listen to the relevant sound work. For each station he or she will be able to find details referring to the work, namely the title, duration, the authors, their biographies a brief synopsis and credits. Thanks to a geolocation system of the user's smartphone, it will be possible to enjoy and listen to the work only at the moment when one is inside the chosen train station. At this point the user is invited to find a quiet place or a bench to sit on, and then put on headphones and listen to the audio track to the fullest. Once finished listening, the user will be able to listen to the track other times and no longer at the associated station.

Client Casa Cavazzini
Year 2019-2021