Vado is an audio experience developed for the Udine city buses, the Udine-Gorizia and Gorizia-Trieste trains, and the Trieste-Muggia sea link. It is an application that offers site-specific audio content, narratives, and music that can only be heard while traveling precisely because they are activated at specific routes, thus making travel a narrative and unprecedented experience.

Since this is an application designed for travelers and considering the geographic location of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, it was decided to make this application multilingual, so it will be possible to choose between Italian, Slovenian and English.


Client Zeroidee
Year 2022-2023

Category Culture

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The theme

Taking the journey becomes a bit like going to the theater, but instead of a stage, the entire city and territory will open up in front of you. Through the content created by the artists, the content listened to through headphones will guide travelers on a journey that, to say the least, is surprising, hovering between the real and the surreal. The space around the traveler becomes animated, populated, and deformed. Passengers become spectators and protagonists at the same time while passersby and the landscape become unwitting performers of an unprecedented staging.


The immersive experience

Once the application is downloaded, the user has the option of choosing the route to be taken to listen to the relevant sound work. For each route he or she will be able to find details referring to the work, namely the title, duration, place of departure, the authors, their biographies, a brief synopsis, and credits. Thanks to a geolocation system of the user's smartphone, it will be possible to enjoy and listen to the work only on the associated medium and route. At this point one is invited to board the chosen public transport, and then put on headphones and listen to the audio track at its best.



Through a geolocation system, the application recognizes the traveler's location and activates content depending on where he or she is. The traveler then, through his or her smartphone has audio content (made up of music, sounds, noises, voices, stories etc.) that immerse him or her in a real story designed to resonate with the landscape he or she is about to pass through.

Client Casa Cavazzini
Year 2019-2021