IRSCHEN (Erasmus+)

Project Description

The importance of digitalization, creativity and cultural awareness is always present, but is particularly emphasized in the current situation, at the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

We need to acquire new skills and competences that strengthen creative potential and transversal skills, thus contributing to the resilience of the educational, cultural and creative sectors.

Our project is a cooperation between higher educational institutions and business that can see a big opportunity in creating a win-win situation in order to thrive and improve their skills and products in terms of new tools and digital competences in ICT and visualization techniques that open up new ways of collaboration.

Through this interdisciplinary network, all partners can improve and promote technical skills, media literacy and awareness of our common cultural heritage while fostering our solidarity to overcome the negative effects of the pandemic.

The digital transformation of European Cultural Heritage (ECH) sites in the field of archeology will enable further social and educational added-value and will be made accessible to a broader audience.

Digitization can play an enormous role for culture and its dissemination, because the new technologies can help visualize the archaeological heritage in an innovative way engaging both the students and European citizens with real life applications corresponding to their interest and needs.

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Project summary

  • Client: Erasmus+
  • Year: 2021-2023
  • Category: Culture, Research
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IRSCHEN (Erasmus+)
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