Project Description

A disruptive realization present in the path of the Museum of the Shipyard of Monfalcone (MuCa) is the crane simulator, a multi-monitor station that immerses the visitor in the cabin of a crane of the construction site of the 20s.

From this privileged point of view it is possible to admire a virtual reconstruction of the entire basin and of the construction site, with its workshops of which it is possible to obtain in-depth information in an interactive way by selecting them from a historical map.

Last, but not least, the playful component that 3D allows and which finds an element of motivation in the youngest (but not only). The crane simulator expresses this aspect thanks to a simple loading game that the visitor-crane operator is asked to perform, including the possible wrong maneuvers that lead to produce significant damage to the ship and to the load, naturally the most fun part of the experience.

The effectiveness of these contents is maximum in the case of the use of Virtual Reality, thanks to which the user is completely immersed in the scene and lives an extremely engaging experience. The image below shows the experience of a user while virtually controlling the crane using a “Vive” helmet.

Project Details

  • Client: Museo della Cantieristica di Monfalcone
  • Year: 2017
  • Category: Museums, Culture
  • Website: